Sometimes I have a hard time not crying every day with all the murders, racism and injustice in the world. I make a point of not watching the news because it so brings me down, but there’s no way to block out what is happening in our country right now, nor would I want to.

So, here are two fun things to hopefully bring a smile to your face as they have to mine.  

Fun Thing One: A new kitten. You may recall, readers, that my precious 17-year-old cat, Lady Jane, passed away mid-May. George and I were lonely without her, our house felt empty, and I asked Lady’s spirit to send the right next cat our direction. I swear I heard her say, “I’m on it, Mama!” George had the feeling that our next cat would also be black, but smaller, a kitten.

On Sunday, July 5th, we adopted Linn (she was found in West Linn, after being born to a semi-feral mother cat) from Hazel’s House (, a home-based shelter in Newberg, Oregon.

We are crazy in love, and Linn (Linn-Linn, Crazy Legged Kitten, Litter Kicker, Linn Laroo, etc.) is a perfect fit for our family and home. We have no question Lady Jane was helping guide the process and we so appreciate Brittany and Kendall Hazel for the work they are doing to help stray and misplaced cats find safe, loving, forever homes. Our home is alive with kitten energy now and filled with love and joy.

Fun Thing Two: Fluvial Groove. I met my friend, singer/songwriter/keynote speaker Jamie Wyman, through an on-line coaching program. She lives in Montana; I’m in Oregon, and we met in person when Jamie was traveling through Oregon en-route to California. We had a long walk and talk together, a brief voice lesson, a glass of wine, then Jamie joined George and I for dinner. We had salads, meatloaf, fancy roasted potatoes and – hmmm, broccoli – if I remember correctly.

The vegetable doesn’t matter, though, because my memory is now challenged by something else – Jamie’s newest song! I love this song!

The fluvial grooving started when Jamie asked people on Facebook to give her words of inspiration for a new song. My contribution was “cirrus,” because I’d been out walking earlier that day and had seen a bunch of cirrus clouds. My word was probably one of the least challenging in comparison to “onomatopoeia,” “kaleidoscope,” and “kerfuffle,” but in the end Jamie decided to incorporate all of the words into Fluvial Groove.

So, George has learned the guitar part, I’m learning the vocals, and sometimes George and I sing together and harmonize. I performed the song for the first time Saturday night at the last online karaoke party with George accompanying me on guitar! Fun! Kitten Linn has attended most of our rehearsals, and she seems to love music already. And…oddly enough…Jamie’s middle name is Linn. Spelled just like that.


Have fun today!

COMING SOON!!! E-book: ‘How Abella Found Her Voice’, On-line Class Opportunity, and ongoing Drop-In Zoom Voice Lab!!!

Your voice lessons are making a difference in my poetry readings and public speaking, my teacher. Lots of luv for ya! – Emmett

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Love Your Voice and Voice Your Love,


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