Laura Handke

Bring Your Inner Voice into the Outer World.

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What is your “authentic voice”?

How does your body create sound?

What can you do to have more vocal longevity? How can you speak and sing more effectively and confidently?

Your vocal instrument, your body, is extremely complex. But improving the sound quality and feel of your voice doesn’t need to be.

I’m Laura Handke, Lake Oswego’s Transformational Voice® Teacher.

I work with speakers, actors, holistic coaches, writers and burgeoning singers with a Body/Mind/Spirit approach to vocal training. Joy and laughter are essential ingredients. We tend to do some giggling! I’ve discovered it’s easier to learn and teach when I’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself.

Whether in a private one-on-one lesson, small group training, or extended workshop for a school or an organization, the tools for healthy and effective vocal technique are the same. But your authentic voice isn’t the same as anyone else’s. It belongs to you, and you alone.

Let me help you bring your inner authentic voice into the outer world. It would be my honor and privilege. And…we’ll have fun!



Laura has a wonderful sense of the value of voice control and communicating well, which she shares with enthusiasm and fun. Her exercises are so helpful, with an emphasis on how to improve our voices to be more effective. 

Joan Lubar, the Sassy Sage, Author of Rock & Roll at Any Age

Laura Handke brings light and laughter everywhere she goes. She is an expert on improv, voice, and stage presence. I especially love the way she tells us what’s important to know and then shows us exactly what she’s talking about.

Susan Bender Phelps, The Speaker’s Coach

Laura is an amazing and gifted teacher. She balanced our time with clear and specific instruction, sprinkled with her incredible intuition, and the result was pure magic. I’m grateful to her for following her passion and calling; it’s a tremendous blessing to many.

Robyn K., Executive Solutions

Laura is a great teacher, a motivator of people, with knowledge and a passion for what she teaches. I’m extremely impressed with her ability to reach all students equally on their own level of understanding. I still use her teachings in my everyday life.

Rev. Joseph  M. P.

I first met Laura a few years ago at a speaking event, where she lead one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended.

More recently, I worked with her one-on-one to help me improve my vocal skills, both as a professional speaker as well as professional singer. She met me right at my level, and helped me tremendously. I am better on both fronts for working with her.

I highly recommend Laura: Hire her for your next event, and she will WOW your attendees with her fun, interactive style, or work with her one-on-one to improve your own vocal skills!

Michelle M.

Sharing with a “safe” group of people, knowing that I wasn’t going to be ridiculed and laughed at, was so empowering. Even after the course, your training has allowed me to continue to discover and nurture my authentic voice and authentic self, and to realize that I am powerful.

Jennifer S.

In only a few lessons with Laura, my voice quality improved tremendously, both for singing and speaking. I’m noticing more resonance, clarity, and range. Laura has a great ear, and her teaching and coaching style feels safe, friendly and professional. She is supportive and stretches me. Her acting, singing, and speaking backgrounds blend beautifully to support presence and confidence in her students, as well. I’m excited to continue studying with her, and highly recommend her if you want to improve your voice.

Cricket W., MD

Bring your inner voice into the outer world.

Free ‘3 Bad Vocal Habits and How to Fix Them’ article, mini-Voice Lesson and Newsletter subscription.