Laura Speaks!

Unleash and HONE Your Authentic Message

Four steps to delivering a memorable speech that will engage your audience for maximum impact and results

Learn, from a certified Transformational Voice® Teacher, how to:

Have Heartfelt, Effective Vocal Technique
Own Your Delivery
Notice Your Impact
Energize Your Audience

And, HAVE FUN while learning!

Contact Laura for your speaking or training event:

[email protected] – 503.409.0421

Clients are saying…

Sharing with a “safe” group of people, knowing that I wasn’t going to be ridiculed and laughed at, was so empowering. Even after the course, your training has allowed me to continue to discover and nurture my authentic voice and authentic self, and to realize that I am powerful.
Jennifer S

Laura appreciates the importance of assisting people to throw off the shackles of a difficult past…to get unsquelched is the key to comfort, confidence and personal power.
Richard Lazere, PhD

Supportive, fun, safe, and immediately applicable tools and skills.
Barbara M

Laura was fantastic and empowering.
Laura D

Laura truly connects with her audience. She makes people feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable and find their authentic voice. Thank you.
Angela P

Laura Handke brings light and laughter everywhere she goes. She is an expert on improv, voice, and stage presence. I especially love the way she tells us what’s important to know and then shows us exactly what she’s talking about.
Susan Bender Phelps

The Speaker's Coach

Laura is an amazing and gifted teacher. She balanced our time with clear and specific instruction, sprinkled with her incredible intuition, and the result was pure magic. I’m grateful to her for following her passion and calling; it’s a tremendous blessing to many.
Robyn K

Executive Solutions

It’s always a pleasure to hear you speak. I am inspired to improve my skills. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Dr. Geoffrey S

I wish all teachers taught as effectively as you teach.
Lewellyn W

SAIF Corporation

Laura is a great teacher, a motivator of people, with knowledge and a passion for what she teaches. I’m extremely impressed with her ability to reach all students equally on their own level of understanding. I still use her teachings in my everyday life.
Rev. Joseph M P

Laura Handke is a speech and performance coach I recommend highly to anyone courting self-development and personal strengthening in the service of improved performance and personal effectiveness. Her caring and compassionate approach is noteworthy. Laura knows how to get the best out of her clients with her ability to motivate, energize and help her clients reach for the stars.
Richard Lazere, PhD

Laura Handke helps professionals and presenters feel comfortable and confident in creating maximum impact on their intended audiences. As an inspirational and energetic speaker and facilitator, Laura will show you how to be memorable by establishing an authentic connection that lasts and builds trust.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from South Dakota State University. She is a certified Transformational Voice® teacher and the author of Six Degrees to Your Dreams, an iUniverse Editor’s Choice award recipient, and Comfort Food from the Heartland: Recipes from a South Dakota Farmer’s Daughter. She travels from her home in Lake Oswego, Oregon to help others unleash and HONE their authentic speaking message, with heart.