About Laura

It took me 50 years to be able to voice my mission: “I help people stop being afraid of being themselves. I inspire people to express their authentic voices in the world.”

I grew up a prairie-land farm girl, surrounded by wildlife, with a cat, horse and dog as some of my best friends. Mom tells me my first word was ‘kitty.’

The two words most often used to describe me (in a complimentary way; there are other constructive ones!) are “inspiring” and “passionate.” I quit my day job as a Senior Claims Examiner managing workers’ compensation claims when it hit me that no matter how much money I was making, those two words aren’t at the top of any claims professional job posting. I wasn’t living in my purpose.

laura-george-cruiseLaura Handke is an inspirational and energetic facilitator, writer, speaker and certified Transformational Voice® teacher, committed to helping others express themselves fully in the world. She helps new and experienced speakers and performers feel comfortable, confident and personally expressive speaking in front of people or on camera.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from South Dakota State University. She is the author of Six Degrees to Your Dreams, an iUniverse Editor’s Choice award recipient, $10.95 – Click here to purchase, and Comfort Food from the Heartland: Recipes from a South Dakota Farmer’s Daughter. She lives, teaches, speaks, writes, acts and cooks in Lake Oswego, OR, with her husband, George.


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