Earlier this week, I attended a rehearsal and casual audition for the Northwest Senior Theatre group http://www.nwseniortheatre.org/index.html and am thrilled to announce I was invited to join! We will be having twice-weekly rehearsals for a holiday show with three performances coming up sometime in November. I will keep you posted as I learn the dates and hope those of you in the Portland metro area will be able to come to one of the performances at Rise Church in Tigard. I love the songs Creative Director James Montgomery has chosen, and the Musical Director, Tracy, is phenomenal. I suspect it will be a highly enjoyable and entertaining show.

Group singing and harmonizing is fun and healing; I have missed making music and performing live theatre with other people since the pandemic hit. This holiday season, consider making a point to support your local community theatres. Donations and volunteers are always welcomed, even if you’d rather have a root canal than get up on stage yourself.

It’s almost as hard to believe the holiday season will soon be upon us as it is to believe I’m old enough to be in a senior theatre group! Yet it brings to mind one of my favorite memories and accomplishments, which you can read about (and watch the music video) here: https://laurahandke.com/simply-authentic-your-soul-voice-is-calling-what-are-you-proud-of/.

As we’re heading into fall now, I hope you’ll be enjoying music and theatre as much as I know I will be.

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Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,