This post comes thanks to Lisa Marie Platske, founder and leader of the Upside Summit I attended in January of last year in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Her words rang so true I simply had to share them. Let me know if you see yourself, at any point in your life, within what Lisa Marie shares here. I certainly did.

You aren’t confused…

…you’re just afraid to go all in.

Read that again.

Oh, I get it.

What if you show the world who you are…

…and people don’t like you?

What if you fail…

…and your friends see you get it wrong?

Don’t let fear get you off track…

…or get in the way from having a great life.

Right now, you may feel pretty crummy…

…because you understand there’s More…

…More for you to Be and Do…

…and you’ve been distracting yourself with the excuse that you’re not clear about what you want.

You know EXACTLY what you want…

…yet to admit that means getting real with yourself — and committing to taking action.

No more hiding out…and playing it safe or small.

That doesn’t mean you’ll live on easy street.

It does mean…

…When you allow yourself to fail…

…you will truly succeed.

…When you allow yourself to lose…

…you will truly win.

Choose to go All In.

Because the world needs you and your brilliance.

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Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,