Two Terrific Recipes

Holiday season is upon us, bringing with it a larger than average number of party invitations and dishes to create. Which puts me in a generous mood to share some of my favorite recipes.

Here is one you can find, along with 70 other favorites, in my cookbook, COMFORT FOOD FROM THE HEARTLAND: Recipes from a South Dakota Farmer’s Daughter. Remember, every sale benefits Salem Friends of Felines, where I adopted my awesome cat, Lady Jane! It’s a great holiday gift for any cooks you love.

Hot and Spicy Artichoke Dip

This is a great hot appetizer recipe I got from my former sister-in-law, my ex-husband’s sister. I really liked Carolyn and was sad to lose her as a presence in my life after the divorce.

-1 1/2 C grated parmesan cheese

-1 C mayo

-2 cans water packed artichoke hearts, drained and chopped

-2 cloves garlic, minced

-4 green onions, thinly sliced

-1 (7 oz.) can diced green chiles

-1 TBSP, or to taste, Tabasco sauce

-1 jar diced pimentos

Combine all ingredients. Place in a shallow, greased 7 x 12 baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve with sturdy crackers or crusty bread.

Crock Pot Stuffing

Just in time for Thanksgiving…this gem I found on…contributed by a woman who saw the recipe in the Calgary Herald.

George and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and our guest list includes a meat-free friend, so outside roasted chicken, gravy and a ham, the other dishes will not include meat. I gave this recipe a test drive and both George and I love it! I didn’t include the apple. My requirements for this dressing were: Moist, savory and vegetarian.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, dressing and stuffing are the same thing – dressing just becomes stuffing when you put it inside the bird you are about to roast.

-2 C chopped onion

-1 1/2 C thinly sliced celery

-1 C diced tart apple, peeled and cored

-1/4 C butter

-1 TBSP ground sage

-1 tsp ground marjoram

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp pepper

-1/2 tsp savory

-1/2 tsp thyme

-12 C lightly toasted bread cubes

-1/4 C fresh parsley, chopped

-1 1/2 C chicken or vegetable stock

In a large frying pan, saute onions and celery (apple if desired) in butter until onion is just translucent.

Stir in sage, marjoram, salt, pepper, savory and thyme.

Combine vegetable mixture with the bread cubes and parsley. Toss well.

Pour stock over mixture, tossing well.

Spoon into crock pot.

Cover and cook on high for one hour.

Reduce to low and continue cooking for 2-3 hours, stirring every hour.

Tips: *Consider doubling the sage and savory. *I left out the apple and added more onion and celery. *I added cilantro to the parsley as I had some on hand from making enchiladas. *It’s worth it to toast your own bread cubes. Cut selected bread into 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch cubes, lay in one layer in baking pan/s, and bake at 300 – 350 for about 10 minutes, stirring two or three times.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving! If you try these recipes, let me know how they go by posting comments, and/or snap a photo and hashtag it #lauraleehandke – I’d love to see what you’re cooking!

Authentically Yours, Laura