Do you sometimes find it challenging to fit everything you need and want to do into your schedule? While I was walking today, I started a mental list of things I’d like to do in the future. I stopped after 1) Have a neighborhood Little Library, 2) Learn how to paint (Aimee Erickson, Ann Schwartz and Heather Ernst are three artists who totally inspire me), 3) Make little quilts, like placemats or wall hangings.

Having a variety of interests is one thing, but falling prey to shiny object syndrome (as I am prone to) is another. I already made a trip to Michael’s for art supplies and will continue playing around with color blending and texture. I shipped my old clarinet back from South Dakota, have been working with a new warm-up routine for my personal vocal practice, and hired a tutor from Mexico to become better at speaking Spanish.

Now probably isn’t the best time to get into quilting. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

Yet I can tell you this. If you’re musically inclined…just a few minutes a day, a few days a week…will make a big difference in how quickly you progress with your voice or other instrument. Truly. This has become even more clear since I decided to pick up that old clarinet again. I’m having way more fun with it now than I did as a young kid and teenager. And that’s the key…decide to have fun and be curious about what you can learn and do.

Aligning with that topic, here’s someone I want to introduce you to. My friend, Stephanie Snow, is the founder of Beauty Revolution, a mind/body/eating coach, and storyteller. I encourage you to check out her Flip the Beauty Script podcast. The sound of your laughter is beautiful, so you might want to check out the episode about Snows VS Squirrels–A-Summer-Story-e155dgo.

Yet even more, you might want to check out the more recent episodes about body types and stereotypes. This is great stuff, friends. Can you imagine a world where “society” dictated only one type of voice the most desirable? That sounds like a very bad horror movie. Yet, history tells us that in the 17th and 18th centuries, when women were forbidden from singing in church, poor families of young boy singers were paid to have their sons castrated at the age of 9 so they could continue being sopranos.

Yikes! Thank God that isn’t happening anymore, in any countries! Perhaps, before too long, women’s body types won’t be so strictly judged either, and more and more women will be able to honestly say not only “I love my voice,” but “I am beautiful.” 

COVID update: I am now welcoming fully vaccinated students into my home studio in limited slots Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We will share our vaccination cards and socially distance as much as possible. ZOOM, of course, is great as well.

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