Your local Transformational Voice® Teacher has been in an activity flurry as of late. I can “blame” (thank, actually) my Licensed Massage Therapist husband for part of the flurry. He’s turning one room in the house into a massage room, so we’ve been decluttering and rearranging like crazy. I tend to live lean as it is, but there was plenty of paperwork in my office to get rid of. I even bought a shredder so I could get rid of old tax documents. Me, a shredder! It feels SO good to streamline and downsize “junk.” Next will be the hall closet. I warmly invite you to join me and do the same in your own home. Just one drawer is always a good place to start.

If your vocal technique needs a little brush up, or you’d like to dip your toe into the pool of your inner authentic voice, I warmly invite you to join me for the next Saturday Voice Lab: Vocal Improv & Technique February 6th. We have fun while we’re learning and growing and using our voices. Register here:

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been cast in another show (that’s two castings in two back-to-back auditions – happy me!) I LOVE the concept of the Chapel Theatre Winter Play Festival: This play festival will showcase local writers and their short plays by matching them up with directors and actors to carry out their work. Playwrights will submit their short plays to be considered while local directors and actors audition to take part in the festival. Chapel Theatre Co will connect the plays with actors and directors and allow two weeks to rehearse before presenting the finished product.

Seriously, how cool is that?! I’ve been cast as Patty in Kathleen Tomko’s 15-minute play, Shine Strong the Moon, with castmate, Marychris Mass, directed by Aiyana Cunningham. Here’s the director’s play synopsis: Lonely Patty, one of the last ones still breathing in an assisted living home, reminiscences with the spirit of her dear friend and soulmate. Amidst their usual sardonic interplay they leave us feeling that if we just look up at the moon, they will be sharing it with us. I warmly invite you to check out this website where you can find out more:

Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,


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