I’m honored to provide a guest post for author, writer, speaker and blogger Nancy Christie, whose PERIPHERAL VISIONS AND OTHER STORIES was recently named an Indies Foreword competition Bronze award winner! Congratulations, Nancy!

Before Abella, I wouldn’t have called myself a fiction writer. I’d played around with truly terrible short stories in my 20’s, took a class through The Institute of Children’s Literature when I was in my 30’s, making a few stabs at writing children’s stories. Then I sent a few pages of something to an accomplished writer, a friend of a friend. This writer, Floyd, was so brutal in his appraisal of my pages that I shut down for a while. Granted, they were bad. Really bad, looking back. I hadn’t learned the writing craft, certainly not with fiction. But the thing that stung the most, I still remember, is how he said my main character talked to her pets as an insane woman would.

I talk to my pets that way. Did then. Do now.

So, it was with some trepidation that I started on a fiction writing journey in my mid-50’s.

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