You’ve probably heard that public speaking is the number one fear of many people, and consistently in the top three. It might not be for you, but probably is for someone you know.

For many people, public singing triples that fear. An accomplished and intelligent friend, author of several books, said to me recently, “Yikes! The thought of singing in front of anyone makes me hyperventilate.” I’m a voice teacher, and I suffer from performance anxiety when singing solo in public!

According to National Geographic, there are plenty of cultures where oral storytelling and song are a part of everyday life, like the Native American Choctow, Native Hawaiian and peoples of Western Africa, as just a few examples. Not so much in the United States where well-known public speakers have TED talks and rich and famous musicians are thought to have been “born that way,” with exceptional talent.

What a load of crap!

The vocal instrument is complicated. In a culture where singing is thought to be for the privileged few, it takes passion, study and dedication to learn to sing to the best of your ability. I learn something new each time I have a lesson with my voice teacher, Linda, the founder of Transformational Voice®.  

However, vocalization should also be great fun!

Many people who need to publicly speak don’t enjoy it. Other speakers aren’t effective; the people in the audience can’t hear them, aren’t engaged, are even bored to the point of falling asleep. (I’ve been in that audience; haven’t you?!) The same is as true on Zoom now as it was when we were in conference rooms and auditoriums pre-COVID days.

Let’s avert all these problems, shall we? Let’s have fun with our voices and learn how to better use them for just $20! Saturday Voice Lab: Vocal Improv & Technique (for adult students, speakers and singers) is September 5, 10:30 – Noon, via Zoom. Register here:

Thanks for helping Morgan – her voice class with you has been one of her favorite activities. She is shy – and I love the way it’s giving her confidence in words. I can see it when she speaks to others or even when she has acted and made short videos. I appreciate that you are inspiring – which makes kids want to learn more. You’re fabulous! And so great with helping kids strengthen the inner voice…so they can belt the outer one! 😊 – Janet H

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Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,


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