My newsletter didn’t go out as usual last Friday because I was on a road trip to the Midwest!

My uber awesome niece, Claire, got married at a lovely venue ( in Pelican Rapids, MN on May 21st, which just so happens to be my husband’s birthday. We decided to hit the road instead of the airports and airplanes this time.

The wedding was beautiful and we had a chance to spend quality time with a lot of my family members, and see some breathtaking scenery along the way.

Another highlight was having a personal tour of the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center right on the campus of my alma mater, South Dakota State University. It is a world class facility along the lines of Carnegie Hall in New York. Just walking into the theatre gave me goosebumps.

We also spent many hours in the car, and along the way I noticed my already tight pecs were getting painfully more so.

Tight pectoral muscles are common now because of the way we live, often hunched over our cell phone or other devices. I’m at the piano keyboard when I teach voice, and at the computer keyboard when I write. That’s a good chunk of my life!

If you have tight pecs, too, here’s an exercise (53-second video demonstration above) given to me by a prior voice student, massage therapist Don Beatty. Check it out – it will help!

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Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,