A couple of months ago, I posted my most liked YouTube video, Five Tips to Give Your Speeches Vocal Variety. I hope the tips were helpful for you.

Here’s my least liked YouTube video, How Bob Hope’s House Ruined Palm Springs (and I Was There To See It.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M203PRtvch0

Granted, it isn’t a very well organized speech, but it is an awesome story!

Why am I sharing this right now, you may ask? Because I just finished up a fun-filled week of celebrating my 57th birthday – multiple dates with my husband and several good friends. Jackie and Ginger, who joined me at Bob Hope’s house, are two of them. We had lunch out, a long walk, dinner and a “slumber party” here at my home Saturday night – great fun! The three of us have been friends for over 30 years. These long-term relationships, through different life stages, are precious, regardless of how often you see each other in person; wouldn’t you agree?

Enjoy this “bad” speech – I hope it gives you a few chuckles.

COVID update: I am now welcoming fully vaccinated students into my home studio in limited slots Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We will share our vaccination cards and socially distance as much as possible. ZOOM, of course, is great as well.

My ZOOM Speak Up! workshop for teens in school is “this close” to being ready. This program is probably the most impactful and powerful group class I’ve ever taught. Students receive confidence-building skills that will remain with them for life, and teachers/administrators can either take a break or participate. SO rewarding!

Have yourself a great week. And do some singing, will ya?

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Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,