What I Wasn’t Planning to Write

Hello Friends,

Here’s me being raw and honest…I almost missed writing this post. I looked at my calendar and went “Whaa?…it’s time for a post?”

WHY did I almost miss it, you may ask? After all, Laura is usually pretty regular (laughingly not talking about toilet habits, which are also pretty regular, by the way) …

It’s because the on-line public speaking class I offered didn’t go anywhere.

I was bummed.

I had a good cry.

I read a lot of good fiction in bed with Lady Jane the Cat that weekend.

And after I got done crying and talked with other people, I realized the class is great – this just wasn’t the right time for it and I hadn’t yet reached the right people.

Here’s what went great.

My colleague, Katie, and I had two successful Speak Up! workshops – at a school in St. Helens and at Dress for Success in Portland. Awesomeness teaching piano at Lake Music. Working with my mastermind partner, Karen, and learning the tapping techniques of EFT. Walking outdoors, stretching indoors, having a chiro adjustment with Doc. Singing three different songs.

Whether in business or learning to most highly and effectively use your voice…there will always be ups and downs. The great thing about voice work is it helps with everything.



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