It Looks Like a Knot, But it’s Not

I have a messy cat.

I mean, I love my kitty, Lady Jane, like crazy, and so does “Papa” (my partner, George.) All the same, she’s the messiest cat I’ve ever lived with. When she eats, little pieces of food pop out of her bowl onto the rug underneath. She doesn’t always poop directly in the litter box, a source of consternation for “Mama” and “Papa,” for sure. And litter sticks in her paws like no other cat I’ve known – she tracks litter all over the house.

So, we do a lot of floor cleaning around here. Because of the kitty litter issue alone, I vacuum the carpet in the master bedroom almost every day.  A couple of weeks ago, the vacuum cord got tangled and when I went to straighten it out, all I did was make it worse. I had to unplug the cord and wind the plug through the tangled areas to get it straightened out.

The same thing happened again today, but this time I noticed while the vacuum cord looked tangled, it actually wasn’t. All I needed to do was shake it out and the cord magically untangled itself.

If you just let it relax and shake it out, it untangles itself.

How like our minds!

The thoughts we entertain inside our heads can become so convoluted they negatively impact our relationships, our performances and public speaking, our experience of life any given day.

What a great thing to remember every time you grab the vacuum cleaner, huh?

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