The Lake Music recital was awesome! Three of my students were brave and got right out there. I’m so proud of Reagan, Paige and Karley. And, dare I say it? I’m proud of myself, as I performed, too. As a teacher, it’s important I know what my students are going through, and to perform as often as I can. My performance wasn’t perfect, yet I’ve started to get over my nerves of public solo singing performance. Here’s a little video of my Folsom Prison Blues performance:

Easily Affordable Vocal Workshop in Sellwood!

Embrace Your Authentic Voice:

Four Critical Pillars for Effective and Healthy Vocal Technique

This interactive and dynamic class teaches you how to:

  • Harness the power of the Breath to create maximum vocal impact without weakening your voice or your throat getting hoarse.
  • Avoid harsh Onsets, which can cause damage to the vocal cords. (Internationally renowned pop singer, Adele, had to have vocal cord surgery due to this issue, not once, but twice.)
  • Create vocal Resonance, so your voice carries to the back of room without a microphone, and without pushing or straining your voice.
  • Speak in your natural, authentic Pitch to avert vocal fry.

Saturday, June 15, 2-4 PM

Dance with Joy Studios

8051 SE 16th Avenue

Portland, OR

$25 preregistered/$30 at the door



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I hired Laura to be my voice coach after hearing her speak at an NSA (National Speakers Association) event. Laura is AMAZING! In just a few coaching sessions with her, I learned so much about where my voice comes from, what my range is, and how to get the most out of it. I absolutely love working with Laura!  -Cathey Armillas, Speaker/Trainer/TEDx Speaker Coach

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