Authentic Expression

Only the pain of getting sick to my stomach on Sunday nights, thinking about going to work the next day, spurred me to make the change I knew deep down inside I desperately needed to make. I was confused and anxious. I had no idea what I truly wanted…just exactly what I didn’t want!

I can’t tell you how much I wish I’d had a circle of like-minded seekers to talk to, someone to point me in the right direction and tell me it didn’t have to be difficult and scary to live from my heart. 

I heard things like, “Great, but how are you going to make a living?” instead of ideas and avenues for how I could find a doable way to bring my true, authentic work into the world with a husband and three step-children.

People said I’d be crazy to quit. But, deep down, I knew I’d be crazy to stay. I wilted on the vine inside every morning driving to the office.

You have a community here in the Authentic Expression Circle.

Let me share with you what I waited two years to hear: 

Change doesn’t have to be terrifying. Your transition doesn’t need to be as painful or abrupt as mine was…you can start your “new” life while you’re in the “old” one. As you take easy, manageable steps, it’s not a big deal to build fulfillment and happiness into your current life. Experiencing joy regularly makes it easier to grow and change into each step of your new authentic future. 

As I committed to living from the inside out (instead of letting outside conditions decide for me), I started experiencing more joy. As I kept going, I gained clarity. The clearer I became, the more support and resources showed up in the most unpredictable and fortuitous of ways!

This is how it works when your inner nature aligns with your outer dreams and goals.

There is a part of every one of us that knows exactly what is best for us. In my book Six Degrees to Your Dreams, I call this the Inner Voice/Intuitive Nature (IVIN for short.) You can call it the human spirit, the heart, the soul, your higher self, God, the creative force of the Universe…pick a term, any term. My work is designed to get that part of you in touch with the part that walks around in the world and has to make a living. We all want to be our authentic selves—in the context of a very social system (with dump-loads of expectations and social training which encourages us to ignore our authentic nature)—in which we live.

The thing is, it can be so hard to hear the IVIN during the crunch and crash of daily life.

Are you ready to hear, listen and take action?

Jennifer’s story:

Jennifer contacted me after she’d reached what she had been taught was “success” in the corporate world. She had received raises, promotions, and accolades for her work with the company…and wondered why she was so miserable.

This was success! Why wasn’t she happy?

Then, in a sudden shift, the company restructured and Jennifer was called into her manager’s office. The manager expected Jennifer to be devastated upon hearing she was being let go, but instead Jennifer felt relief and gratitude, and had a small but mighty severance package to go along with it.

New doors opened after that meeting.

After believing for years she didn’t have a creative bone in her body, Jennifer took an art class and started to paint. And she sold some of her paintings. She started refinishing furniture and found great joy in the process. She joined the Authentic Expression Wishweavers Circle and started to dream again, with the support of her fellow Wish-weavers.

Jennifer dived right into the “Me Now” exercise, a perfect day in the life of her authentic self, and found it freeing and expansive. She loved the positive vibe in the group and felt comfortable sharing her dreams.

The first was having her own store, where she could sell her artwork and refinished furniture. She found the location and didn’t have the $10,000 down-payment. With the support of the group, she found avenues for alternative financing to research, and made a connection with the current owner of the store. This woman invited Jennifer to come in and spend time there; get to know the clientele, before the owner retires from the store in a year or two.

Jennifer still believes this store is in her future. In the meantime, she has connected with people while volunteering in a soup kitchen, has become a mentor for a 16-year-old girl who considers her a precious confidante, and has realized her purpose is to help people.

Jennifer has also realized that by breaking the pattern of “Corporate Success is the Only Road to Success” in her family, she can support her children in realizing their own dreams. (Even if they have nothing to do with corporate business!)

You can see why Jennifer is not only a student of mine, but a heroine. Why I have learned from her. And why I look forward to people like her in the next AEWWC home study program. Take this $297 nine week series in the privacy of your home, at your leisure.

I most liked the opportunity to study with an acting/voice teacher and to connect with other women. The class gave me some great tools to implement and clearly define my dreams and goals, with a rooted importance of including dream work in my daily practice. — Tracey B

I liked the sense of mutual respect and acceptance among this group. The AEWWC helped me to make more of a commitment to myself. This class absolutely met my expectations and beyond. — Gabby F

I appreciated the acceptance – the safety I felt from both the teacher, Laura (who, as a leader, established clear boundaries and expectations early on) and my fellow students, who were supportive, compassionate and shared positive feedback. This class far exceeded my expectations. I was apprehensive going in and was left wanting more and more upon completion. The experience was extraordinary! — Kimberly W 

I enjoyed the positive vibe and insightful suggestions from the group. If I knew somebody was trying to figure out what they want to do in life – to move in a new direction – I would recommend this! — Jennifer S

I’m as committed to your authentic nature as I am to my own. We’re in this together.

If you want:

  • A safe community of seekers who want more out of life
  • A change, even if you don’t know what it may be
  • To feel you’re growing into your potential
  • A clear plan of action
  • A manageable, enjoyable, step-by-step process
  • Other people to celebrate successes with
  • Knowledge on how to speak in your authentic voice

My work will help you.


If you want:

  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Career advice
  • How to build a business or write a business plan
  • Marketing advice
  • Counseling

My work isn’t right for you.

Authentic Expression

  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Get on track with your dreams, starting with just one desired change
  • Maintain the momentum ongoing

I’m as committed to your authentic nature as I am to my own. We’re in this together.


Will you join me?

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