Now that COVID restrictions are lessening, the current school year is ending soon, and another will be starting in the fall… I have a pet peeve to share.

And it’s not litter! That is definitely a pet peeve. But this one…is…vocal fry!

Allow me to set the scene.

I’ve worked with a teenage voice student for weeks. Her vocal technique is coming along beautifully, her voice is free, and singing is fun. One of her parents picks her up after the lesson and says something like, “I need to stop at the grocery store on the way home to grab some things for dinner. Which sounds better – salad and grilled chicken or that spicy white bean chili with cornbread?”

And the parent sounds like this:

This is a little crazy-making for a voice teacher who wants to help prevent vocal problems before they start.

So many voice students come to me in their 40’s and beyond, after years of not understanding how their voices work or the way the body creates sound. They just know their voices simply aren’t working right or they hate the way they sound. I absolutely love working with these students. Yet, at the same time, think what a difference it would make if students were taught how to really use and love their voices in school!!! I wasn’t, and from what I’ve experienced as a voice teacher, most students today aren’t either.

That’s where you come in.

I can bring an affordable two-hour workshop (via Zoom or in person locally), into both private and public schools, that will transform students’ relationship with their voices from then on. If you know parents, teachers or administrators who may be interested, please introduce me and I’ll take it from there.  

These are just a few of the student comments I received from the pre-COVID Speak Up! school workshop.

I would totally recommend this class to my friends. It helped me relax and gave me confidence to do public speaking. -Jimena J.

Come back soon! -Trinity T.

This class gave me more confidence. -Caleb E.

This class helped me speak up with confidence. I think it’s good for your mind and self-esteem to do these exercises. -Emilee J.

Thank you in advance for any introductions you feel moved to make. You will receive my never-ending gratitude for being part of eliminating vocal fry from the world and helping young people feel more confident.

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Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,