You thought I was going to say therapist, right? Counselor? Life Coach?  


I’ve had counseling and loved it. I’ve had coaching and that was great too. Yet usually the very best therapist is Mother Nature and all her charms.

One of my favorite writers, and an AWESOME life coach, Martha Beck, has been known to pour birdseed over her head while she’s sitting outside in nature meditating.

I am going to try that. Soon. I didn’t today, though.

Today I walked in Tryon Creek Park, one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Unspoiled nature, Divine territory.

My mind became silent. I heard and saw many birds, including a Northern Flicker tapping away at the top of an ancient tree.

Tryon Creek is running with plenty of water. The trillium are blossoming. Tiny white/yellow moths that felt like fairies accompanied me throughout my hike. I couldn’t tell who was leading and who was following.

I stopped in to see the goats at Tryon Life Community Farm on my way back. Usually the goats are inside the barn or the adjoining pen. Today they were in the pasture, munching on the plentiful green grass. I sat on a small wood stump in their midst, and breathed.

I heard laughter and women’s voices from inside the residence. I don’t know if they knew I was there. I asked the goats’ permission to take their photos. I held out my hands but didn’t intentionally try to touch until one came close to me; then me and two of the goats had some ear scratching, petting and a nice little communion going on.

About three hours later, sitting at my laptop, my forward steps became clear, simple, and I was able to write them down – nothing too overwhelming – what feels exactly right.

Who knew you could get that from a goat?

I have room in my schedule for up to five more vocal students on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. I work with speakers, actors, holistic coaches, writers and burgeoning singers with a Body/Mind/Spirit approach to vocal training. Joy and laughter are essential ingredients. We tend to do some giggling! I’ve discovered it’s easier to learn and teach when I’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself.

Like…having a coaching session with a goat.

Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,


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Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,