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Do you ever look back on your life so far and find the way certain things came together to be nothing short of magical?

I have wanted to speak (and sing in!) Spanish for years, finally got serious about it, and hired a tutor. I found myself telling Miss Kenny, from Mexico, the story below.

Even the way I became a voice teacher, and the timing of it, is weird. I had been longing to sing again when a trusted friend and colleague, Renee, “happened” to mention her fantastic voice teacher, Linda Brice. I fell in love with Transformational Voice® and was working at a terrible claims job when Linda launched the Transformational Voice® Institute and asked me to be one of the first 12 apprentice teachers.

I signed up and started juggling the job and the apprenticeship program, which was like juggling a china plate with a baseball bat and a slippery ball of slime. There was no way I could manage it all. When I had to make a choice, and I asked for a sign, the sign came (about a minute later) in the form of a man I used to work with. He, running towards me, stopped to talk and asked me to email him my resume. That same man later hired me and provided me a good job and safe haven while I finished my voice teacher apprenticeship program.

And then there’s this…the story about Stella and Rob, who are happily married to this day.

Now…for a triple whammy…onto the English version of the story Miss Kenny helped me translate into Spanish. It’s called Una Historia de Amor en La Universidad.

I minored in Psychology and Spanish in college at South Dakota State University. In the advanced Spanish class my senior year, we weren’t allowed to speak English in the classroom. Several native Spanish speakers were in Senora Beattie’s class (perhaps for an easy “A”?) and I became friendly with them, intentionally speaking only in Spanish when our paths crossed on campus (or at the nightclubs). Franklin, from Brazil, and his cousin gave me Spanish comic books to help me learn. Leslie Gonzales, from Argentina, was handsome, suave and a snappy dresser. Aurora, from Mexico City, was gorgeous, kind and animated.

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona after graduating from SDSU, at one point working as an Executive Assistant and New Accounts Specialist for a bank in Scottsdale. Imagine my surprise when I looked up from my desk one day to greet a customer, and it was Aurora. This was over two years after I’d moved away from South Dakota. Aurora needed traveler’s checks. She was on her way to Mexico City for her wedding, where she was marrying Franklin, from Brazil.

You can’t plan this kind of thing. Seriously? A man from South America, and a woman from Mexico, meeting during college in one of the coldest states in the United States heartland, falling in love, and getting married. Wow.

All I can say is…if you aren’t quite sure how your voice can best be expressed in the world right now, just tap into your intuition, listen to your heart, take action…and prepare to be amazed!

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