What is your favorite way to exercise?

I grew up walking in the country, riding horses and my bike, and have always loved to dance. Yoga is wonderful. I’ve worked out in gyms, but always felt like I had to drag myself there. These days it’s mostly walking outside in nature and yoga stretches. I live in a neighborhood filled with friendly peacocks and plenty of friendly people who walk with their friendly dogs. I know the names of more dogs than I do humans.

But recently, a blue tooth speaker fell on my right foot and I needed to stop walking for a while to let the injury heal. I’m surprised by how much damage this one little speaker was able to cause.

So, I pulled out an old exercise album (yes, an actual vinyl) that I bought my senior year of college, rather than researching the thousands upon thousands of online options. Joannie Greggains’ “Total Shape-Up” is a perfectly good calisthenic and aerobic routine working all the major muscle groups…why reinvent the wheel, right?

Well, not only was I shocked by how good the workout felt the first time I pulled out the album (I took it slow, only doing parts), but how much my body remembered how to do it!

When I was finishing my studies at South Dakota State University, my roommate and I did that routine in our apartment probably two or three times a week for a year, or a year and a half. 35 years ago!  Truly, I was stunned.

I’m a voice teacher and my husband is a massage therapist, so we both have experienced and understand how traumatic memories are stored in the tissue of the body. But the good ones are, too! Including vocal technique. If there’s anything you’d like to improve about your voice, know that with repetition, your body will eventually know what to do instinctively, and remember.

Now I wonder what my body will do if I pull out the old clarinet that is still in the South Dakota farm house where I grew up. I’m going to buy a reed and bring it home with me when we visit my family this summer. I’ll keep you posted!

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