Laura Handke Collage

It was Friday, around 3:30, sunshine streaming in through the windows of my home studio. There my student was, sheet music (I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair from South Pacific) in front of her on the music stand.

Her voice was ringing out, and then one little thing happened. And another.

Our bodies are our vocal instruments, and any little thing that goes wrong with technique can stop the flow of breath or resonance – even in trained singers.  I asked my student to raise her chin, so her head was level. I stood by her as we virtually threw our voices, together, at the wall beyond an imaginary ten rows of people. I helped her correct her onsets, get back into the mask/forward focus, and use her hands on her belly to keep the breath flow going…at one point, knowing how frustrating this can be….I just said, “And why don’t I also throw in to please helm a boat while sewing a lined jacket at the same time?”

We both cracked up and had a hearty laugh.

Yes, this is how complicated it can be.

Yet it’s still fun.

Since then, we’re all taking steps to be healthy. If you have symptoms, just don’t feel well, or have a fever (take your temperature, please) don’t come to your lesson, and your teacher will do the same. Of course you won’t be charged for any lessons you cancel even at the last minute. (Usually I request a 24-hour notice.) Voice students always have the option of having lessons via Zoom, which works great.

April 11 Vocal Superpowers workshop cancelled due to health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19. If we are able to reschedule, we’ll be sure to let you know. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

Love Your Voice and Voice Your Love,


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