I traveled quite a road to becoming a certified Transformational Voice® teacher.

On May 20th, for the first time, I’ll be sharing some of the more challenging aspects of that journey in a short speech.

To share the maiden voyage of that 9ish-minute speech, register for Kwesi Millington’s (52publicspeakingtips.com) Spectacular Speaker’s Club by reaching out to my friend Kwesi at kwesi@kwesimillington.com. The speech will be evaluated by Kwesi and other club members from several different countries.

This is the most vulnerable speech I’ve shared. It starts out with a journal entry I made nearly 10 years ago on the lowest, scariest, day of my life.

And, it explains why I have become so passionate about teaching people of all ages how to get in touch with their innermost, authentic voice and bring that voice out into the world. That it’s okay to take a risk, and follow that inner voice, even when the rest of the world may say you’re crazy.

I do know that dreams come true. Find out why on May 20th.

Thanks for helping Morgan – her voice class with you has been one of her favorite activities. She is shy – and I love the way it’s giving her confidence in words. I can see it when she speaks to others or even when she has acted and made short videos. I appreciate that you are inspiring – which makes kids want to learn more. You’re fabulous! And so great with helping kids strengthen the inner voice…so they can belt the outer one! 😊 – Janet H, mother of 17-year-old voice student

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Love Your Voice and Voice Your Love,


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