My first book on vocal training is done! What a wild ride; I’m excited for you to experience it!

Here are words of praise (all five-star reviews so far) for How Abella Found Her Voice:

It’s not just the vivid images that bring “How Abella Found Her Voice” to life. It’s the smells, tastes and sounds it conjures up in the reader’s imagination. And like any good fable, it has an important lesson—to find and use your authentic voice. Along with Abella, the reader begins to learn how. -Dorothy Rosby

I may not be a singer, but a message about finding our true authentic voice can resonate with anyone. I love how this short tale brought me in, carried me throughout each chapter, and left me remembering that when we’re guided by our heart, naturally we are lead to our inner power. -Ashley-Ann Pereira 

Laura has a magical way of teaching while harnessing the power of storytelling. Not only did I learn about harnessing the power of voice, I was able to absorb the information in an entertaining and engaging way! Well done Laura! -Kwesi

Through vivid and compelling storytelling, Laura Handke makes learning fun in “How Abella Found Her Voice.” Abella’s journey is not only inspiring and educational, but also leads the reader on an adventure of self-discovery. Laura’s passion for the power of music and helping others find their authentic voice really shines in this delightful book. Thank you, Laura! -Gina Williams

Get it here, with all six short videos, for just $14.95:

Our daughter has been thriving under Laura’s instruction over the course of the past year. Our daughter has not only gained knowledge of vocal skills and improved her singing, Laura’s nurturing influence has helped her confidence and self-esteem soar. We are so grateful for Laura’s positive and caring influence and feel so glad that she is giving our daughter a gift she will carry with her for the rest of her life.  -Elizabeth H.

Saturday Voice Lab: Vocal Improv & Technique (for adult students, speakers and singers) begins via Zoom September 5th! 10:30 – noon PST every other Saturday, just $20. Check the home page to pay and register. This is going to be so much fun!

Your voice lessons are making a difference in my poetry readings and public speaking, my teacher. Lots of luv for ya! – Emmett

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