Get Confident and Feel Empowered: Develop a More Intimate Relationship With Your Voice

The delightful Paula Vail, whose essay happens to show up in the same book as  one of Oprah Winfrey’s ( interviewed me for her Seattle radio show, Choices: Finding Your Joy, in August of 2018.

I listened to the interview again recently and was struck by how Paula’s questions pulled out gems of information about not just our physical vocal instrument/body, but the inner voice/message within wanting to come out and play in the world.

Here are some highlights to help you develop a whole new loving relationship with your voice.

  • Think of your breath as a river or conveyor belt carrying the sound of your voice. Understanding breath flow (including breathing with a relaxed core/abdomen) will rock your world.
  • Resonating, so your voice carries effectively and efficiently, is easy to learn and can be the number one factor in whether or not people can hear you.  
  • Way too many people speak in too low of a pitch, so their voice sounds gravelly. Don’t be one of them.
  • Great vocalization often equates to breaking bad old habits.
  • When you develop confidence with your voice and feel more comfortable speaking and singing in public, your inner message and what you want to say will become clearer. The more you feel confident and comfortable vocalizing, the more relaxed and clear your physical voice will come through.
  • When you are passionate and emotionally invested as a vocalist, and your inner and outer voices are congruent and aligned, you will connect with your audience and bring them along on the journey.

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Love Your Voice and Voice Your Love,


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