Here is my reality as a voice teacher, singer and speaker. I can’t speak for other voice teachers or singers, only for myself.

Singing solo in public scares me. It scares me a lot. So much so that – while I can sing in the shower, or in lessons, easily and effortlessly, sounding great – even rehearsing for an online karaoke performance can make me nervous.

As I have become more committed to my own vocal practice, with my teacher, Linda Brice, it’s become all the more clear how singing to the best of your ability means a mind/body/spirit/emotional connection.

I got away from my own vocal training for a while. I wasn’t singing enough. Who would hire a life coach who didn’t keep up her own personal coaching practice? You shouldn’t pay for a vocal coach who doesn’t consistently keep up her own vocal practice. What I’ve found since getting back to my own vocal training is remarkable.

Being post-menopausal, but still having hot flashes, my voice is lowered. Hormones dramatically impact the voice. I am probably a mezzo-soprano now. Think Bette Midler. Adele. Tori Amos.

And…Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul…who likely had spinto soprano qualities as well…at least according to Google.

In my last lesson with my teacher, Linda, she likened my voice to Aretha’s. Which was interesting, because I had just watched the movie Michael and had gotten the sheet music for Chain of Fools. The song is featured in one scene in the movie. Aretha and I happen to have similar voice types – bold, brassy, and…loud. My technique isn’t what Aretha’s was…but I’m improving and she’s become my muse.

When I even rehearse for the next online karaoke, knowing someone is going to hear this, I get nervous. I can feel my abdomen clenching. It’s Aretha, for heaven’s sake, the Queen of Soul! How can I even begin to pay honor to her and the song writers?

I’ve started to understand that I can breathe. Relax all of the muscles in my body. Let go of outcomes. And connect with the musicians who made this amazing song possible in the first place.

Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

Love Your Voice & Voice Your Love,


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