One seemingly normal Friday afternoon (insert your favorite movie trailer narrator here) an insidious, ravenous siege swept the nation.

Within minutes, everyone was croaking, choking and barely able to…

Will you please complete that sentence after watching this video about Vocal Fry?

Do you want to commit to the amazing authentic voice already within you?

Here’s a great way to do it!

Four Vocal Superpowers Most Pros Don’t Know

Learn to:

  • Harness the power of the Breath to create maximum vocal impact without weakening your voice or your throat getting hoarse.
  • Avoid harsh Onsets, which can cause damage to the vocal cords. (Internationally renowned pop singer, Adele, had to have vocal cord surgery due to this issue, not once, but twice.)
  • Create vocal Resonance, so your voice carries to the back of room without a microphone, and without pushing or straining your voice.
  • Speak in your natural, authentic Pitch to avert vocal fry.

November 2, Saturday, 1:00-4:00 pm In Partnership with Brenda Bryan and The Speakers Club

Swaha Studios

1235 SE Division St. Ste. 107

Portland, OR 97202

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In the meantime, love your voice and voice your love,


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In only a few lessons with Laura, my voice quality improved tremendously, both for singing and speaking. I’m noticing more resonance, clarity, and range. Laura has a great ear, and her teaching and coaching style feels safe, friendly and professional. She is supportive and stretches me. Her acting, singing, and speaking backgrounds blend beautifully to support presence and confidence in her students, as well. I’m excited to continue with her, and highly recommend her if you want to improve your voice. –Cricket W., MD

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