Vocal Training

It’s never too late, or too early, to learn to express your inner voice in the outer world. If you’re seeking a voice teacher in Lake Oswego, look no further.

I learned at a young age how music, performance…voices…can Touch us. Reach us. Transform us.

On vacation with my parents and brother, the summer before my senior year of high school, we went to a show at The Pink Garter Theatre in Jackson, Wyoming. Just nine days before my 18th birthday, we saw their production of Shootin’ Irons & Petticoats, a rollicking western musical.

Have you always wanted to sing, but think you don’t know how?

I was utterly transfixed throughout the entire show. My heart connected with the performers, the music, the theatre itself, the rest of the audience…the entire experience…in a way that filled me with deep appreciation and even deeper longing. If only, I thought, if only that could be me up there one day. I wanted the show to go on forever, to never end. It wasn’t a sad show – quite the opposite – filled with upbeat numbers, dancing, and a lot of comedy. Yet Mom reminded me years later that I cried when it ended.

Of course, I did. I’d been a childhood actor and singer, yet never allowed myself to take it seriously. In sixth or seventh grade, I had a school assignment to create a future “business card.” At least that’s how I remember it; the classmates I’ve asked don’t. Either I have a great memory or a great imagination…perhaps both. At any rate, I drew a sketch of myself wearing a long gown and holding a microphone.

Therewith the adults in my life made clear: being a music teacher was a realistic goal, but being a professional performer was not.

And I bought the lie.

Do you know somehow, within, that you’re meant to voice more of yourself than you are right now?

Somehow, after high school, I let my music leave me. Other than one college performance and playing piano and singing to myself when I could, I didn’t get on stage or seek vocal training until my 40’s.

I found acting teacher, Jo Dodge, at the Pentacle Theatre in Salem, OR, and she taught me how to be emotionally present and confident, enough so that I was on stage again at the age of 40, to a sold-out show.

Then, I was introduced to the founder of Transformational Voice®, Linda Brice. Linda showed me how to nurture, treasure and hone my personal authentic voice in a way I’d never imagined. I sang alto in school. Through Linda’s guidance, I’ve learned my authentic vocal range is a dramatic coloratura soprano, and I’m speaking and singing in a way I’d never have thought possible even a few years ago.

If you’re ready to rediscover the inner voice in you that longs to be creatively alive and expressive, let me help you set your authentic voice free. I am now a voice teacher in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

*I teach voice in my home studio in Lake Oswego. $65/hour or $55/hour for five or more lessons.

*Long-distance voice lessons online for beginning to intermediate students. $65/hour or $55/hour for five or more lessons.

*Piano for beginning to intermediate students. $65/hour or $55/hour for five or more lessons.

*My colleague, Katie Ramseur, https://innerpathwayhypnosis.com/hypnotherapist-katie-ramseur/, and I teach a joint workshop, Speak Up!, for high school teens and women in need of assistance. Speak Up! presentations empower participants to gain self-confidence through the voice and learn to reduce negative thinking while learning to create a calmness in the mind. $500 per trainer each class with a commitment to provide up to four free workshops per year to those in need.

*Regular online public speaking workshops, PS (for public speaking), Your Voice Could Be Better! $197 for six weeks. 

  • Beat performance anxiety and fear of public speaking
  • Kick your inner critic to the curb
  • Make your voice resonate and carry
  • Express your inner truth in your outer voice

Reach out, so I can help you on your own transformational journey!

Email: laurahanj@comcast.net for your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

Laura Handke’s Transformational voice therapy lessons are wonderful! She is a treasure trove of valuable information about voice, speaking, singing and acting. Laura guides you in understanding how your own voice “works” and provides easy practices to do between appointments. I want to thank Laura for being a very warm, encouraging, supportive vocal coach. I warmly recommend her.

Paivi PV

I first met Laura a few years ago at a speaking event, where she lead one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended.

More recently, I worked with her one-on-one to help me improve my vocal skills, both as a professional speaker as well as professional singer. She met me right at my level, and helped me tremendously. I am better on both fronts for working with her.

I highly recommend Laura: Hire her for your next event, and she will WOW your attendees with her fun, interactive style, or work with her one-on-one to improve your own vocal skills!

Michelle M

Laura helped me find my truer voice. After just one lesson, I already feel more resonance, and more ease and comfortability in singing. Thank you.

Levi P