Some people want to be professional singers, or professional speakers. Some want to perfect a TedX speech.

Many other people just want to know how to vocalize better.

Some of my best experiences as a voice teacher have been working with people who simply want to speak or sing better in their everyday life.

Here is one example. My colleague and friend, Katie Ramseur, and I presented our third Speak Up! workshop for the amazing women of Dress for Success Oregon last Wednesday evening.

Here we are with just under half of the women who came to the presentation. Every woman owned their authentic voice and let it ring out! What an amazing experience!

Here is another example, for professional speakers. I gave a 35-minute training for the Portland Chapter of the National Speakers Association Speaker Performance Lab Monday evening. The audience was so engaged and present, asking so many intelligent questions, I actually went over time a bit, asking permission to continue.

We want to share our authentic truth, in our authentic voices. The more I teach, the clearer this becomes. One woman at the NSA event asked me if I’ve ever run across speakers with apathy.

What an amazing question.

I’ve run across many people with “vocal fry,” letting their voices fall into the back of the throat without resonance or conviction and too low of a pitch. One master-mind partner called that being ‘lazy.’

Yet what else can apathy mean, when it comes to  public speaking?

Sera’s question lead me into my heart.

Anyone can read lines, even if they suffer from stage-fright; the clinical term for the fear of public speaking is glossophobia.

But speaking from your heart requires vulnerability, allowing yourself to experience emotions while you’re speaking. When you’re in front of an audience, speaking or singing, and feeling something…your audience will feel it, too. If you’re not feeling it, your audience won’t either.

I believe that’s the best answer to the question about apathy.

Be present. Be real. Feel something. Let your audience go on the emotional journey with you, as you are sharing your message with great vocal technique.

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The voice lesson affected me in ways I never imagined. I feel so much more inspired now. Thank you! -Lennon R.

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