When Something Really Hits You

When I was on vacation with my parents and brother the summer before my senior year of high school, we went to a show at The Pink Garter Theatre in the city known then as Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (The theatre is still there now, in Jackson, as a music venue with concerts and a cocktail lounge!) Just nine days before my 18th birthday, we saw their production of Shootin’ Irons & Petticoats, a rollicking western musical.

I was utterly transfixed throughout the entire show. My heart connected with the performers, the music, the theatre itself, the rest of the audience…the entire experience…in a way that filled me with deep appreciation and even deeper longing. If only, I thought, if only that could be me up there one day. I wanted the show to go on forever, to never end. It wasn’t a sad show – quite the opposite – filled with upbeat numbers, dancing, and a lot of comedy. Yet Mom reminded me years later that I cried when it ended.

Of course, I did.

This is how music, performance…voices…can touch us. Reach us. Transform us.

Yet, somehow, after high school, I let my music leave me. Other than one college performance and playing piano and singing to myself when I could, I didn’t get on stage again, or seek vocal training, until my 40’s. I found acting teacher Jo Dodge at the Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon. And then, in Portland, I was introduced to the founder of Transformational Voice®, Linda Brice, and eventually became a certified Transformational Voice® teacher.

It’s never too late, or too early, to learn to express your inner voice in the outer world.  How would you like to do that now? Let us know on the blog!

A new student graced my voice studio earlier this week; here’s what the talented and creative 18-year-old Levi had to say:

Laura helped me find my truer voice. After just one lesson, I already feel more resonance, and more ease and comfortability in singing. Thank you. -Levi P.

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Authentically Yours, Laura