What’s the Problem with Most People’s Voices? 

What’s the problem with most people’s voices? Absolutely nothing, other than a few bad habits to unlearn. Everyone has a beautiful voice within, just waiting to come out.

Yet people say things like: “I couldn’t carry a tune if it was packed in my luggage.” Or, “People can’t hear me. Even my husband is constantly asking me to speak up. I don’t think I speak softly – I don’t get what’s going on!” They get hoarse while talking on the phone with clients, even after just a few minutes, or panic when they need to speak in public.

Is that you? I hear these complaints from students all the time. And none of it is necessary!

All it takes is learning how to speak on the breath, with resonance, in your most natural pitch, the place where your authentic voice most wants to land, to express itself, to reach people. It’s so simple. Not necessarily easy, yet simple all the same.

Exciting things are coming up to explore these details of the authentic voice in more detail! On TV Toastmasters Sunday, I’ll be interviewing Lenny Gotter, who is uncovering his big, tenor, operatic voice. I’m in the process of developing a workshop with a colleague (hush, hush for now; you, my readers will be the first to hear) to bring to school systems.

In the meantime, you can listen to this audio blog from the wonderful Billy Atwell on his FEAR NOT podcast, and make comments: https://www.livingbeyondyourfears.com/laura-handke-teaches-us-connection-fear-breath/. And, please join me LIVE on FACEBOOK Friday March 23, 2:30 pm PST.

I sound confident! I didn’t realize how much I needed you. -Dona C

Laura Handke’s Transformational Voice® therapy lessons are wonderful! She is a treasure trove of valuable information about voice, speaking, singing and acting. Laura guides you in understanding how your own voice “works” and provides easy practices to do between appointments. I want to thank Laura for being a very warm, encouraging, supportive vocal coach. I warmly recommend her.

-Paivi PV

Laura helped me find my truer voice. After just one lesson, I already feel more resonance, and more ease and comfortability in singing. Thank you.

-Levi P

I first met Laura a few years ago at a speaking event, where she lead one of the most fun and memorable workshops I have ever attended. More recently, I worked with her one-on-one to help me improve my vocal skills, both as a professional speaker as well as professional singer. She met me right at my level, and helped me tremendously. I am better on both fronts for working with her.

I highly recommend Laura: Hire her for your next event, and she will WOW your attendees with her fun, interactive style, or work with her one-on-one to improve your own vocal skills!

-Michelle M

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