Three Key Traps to Avoid When You Master Mind

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The master mind process (what I call wish-weaving) is second nature to me by now, and has been so critical to my forward movement in life, I wrote a book about it. Occasionally, I step in to help someone else start their group, and you’ll find tips on creating and sustaining your own Wishweavers Circle scattered throughout my blog.

One thing I haven’t focused on, however, is what to avoid when you’re involved in such a group. These three common pitfalls are pertinent whether you have an established group, or are new to one.

1. Forget your history. Wipe the slate clean.

When that precious group time arrives, whether it’s once a week, twice monthly, quarterly…remember this is your time to move forward, ahead, past perceived blocks and obstacles. Pay no attention to what happened up until that moment and open yourself to new possibilities.

Picture your history as a chalkboard. Maybe it’s cluttered with “I had knee surgery,” “I failed as a business owner,” “My husband left me for another man,” or “I hate to run.”  Pull out your blackboard eraser and wipe the slate clean. Any time you feel the urge to explain yourself, to get people to understand you, remember the eraser. Your history has been wiped clean. You’re now a clean slate, open to receiving new ideas and new possibilities.

2. Say “no” to nothing. Nod “yes” to everything and jot it down.

Your special circle opportunity is focused and has a time limit. With every breath and word you expend explaining why you already tried something and it didn’t work, or you “can’t” do something because of…the knee surgery, you failed in the past, your husband left you, you hate to run…you deprive yourself of the time, space and energy for new ideas that can and will work. Open yourself up for those possibilities. The rest…fuhgettaboutit!

3. Refrain from coaching each other.

It’s hard enough to wipe our own slates clean, so we can truly listen and receive. We certainly can’t do it for another! Instead, breathe deeply and allow helpful ideas for your partners to come. Instead of telling another what you think they “should do,” listen within, and see the highest version and vision of that partner, that perhaps she can’t see for herself right then.

We all need this from time to time. I know I do. What a great feeling it is when someone says, “Thank you for seeing that in me. Thank you for your support and encouragement. You made a real difference in my life.”

Authentic Performance Voice Lab

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  • Connect with and touch your audience so they remember you
  • Loosen up, relax and be your genuine self on stage


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