Playing with Barbies is Part of My Job

Can you believe playing with Barbies is part of my job now? It just hit me when I was re-dressing these dolls (two I’ve had since childhood, the rest I got as an adult) for a video shoot.

Why am I using Barbie dolls in my videos? Because we all need to play!

When I begin a new class or workshop, I say “welcome to the playground.” Yes, we need to work on our voices, and understanding our vocal instruments, our bodies, doesn’t happen overnight…but if we’re not enjoying the process – what’s the point?!

Why is the element of play so important? Not just because laughter and fun are essential for our mental, physical and emotional well-being, but because most of us harbor an inner critic that likes to remind us how much we suck. I call my critic Carla – which is actually a very nice name for the hurtful and negative ways we can talk to ourselves, inside our own heads. As if people are just born captivating speakers or beautiful singers. I guarantee you Martin Luther King, Jr., and Lady Gaga had to train.

One of my voice students, Lennon, (we laugh a lot during his lessons!) finds a sports analogy comforting and helpful. Lennon may not be a great basketball player, but he’s pretty darned good at shooting free throws. Once his body got the movement down, he knew what to do at the free throw line. It’s the same with your voice. With training, the knowledge becomes ingrained in your muscle memory and subconscious mind. Take that, Carla! I don’t suck after all. I just don’t know what I’m doing yet…I’m on the playground, learning!

To welcome you to the playground, I’ll soon be inviting you to my new online class, PS (for public speaking): Your Voice Could be Better, beginning this October.

To see if this class is a good fit for you, and to answer any general questions you may have about your voice, I’m offering a free webinar Friday, October 12th, noon PST. Look for the videos and invitation in the coming weeks.

I came away with a much better understanding of how to do, and effectively use, belly breathing to speak confidently, efficiently and effectively. -Caroline M.

Laura is a skilled teacher and observer of her students. -Anita E.

Supportive, fun, safe…and immediately applicable tools and skills. -Barbara M.

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