I Need a Vacation! (Do You?)

Sometimes when I’m due for a vacation and when my time and budget allow for one are two separate things. Sound familiar?

What to do in the middle of this conundrum? Make a mini-vacation a priority, even if it’s just a half a day! I’m telling you, it works. Just one play day can turn your perspective completely around. It did mine recently.

I had mentioned to my master mind group, Success Weavers Circle, just that morning that I was badly in need of a vacation. I had an 11:00 coffee meeting in Sellwood after our circle meeting ended. The sun came out in all its glory while I was driving towards Sellwood and the world started to sparkle. My instincts told me not to go back to work after the coffee meeting. So, I didn’t! The items on my calendar for Friday afternoon were okay to transfer to Monday.

I love Sellwood. People put water bowls for dogs out in front of the stores in Sellwood. It’s riddled with antique shops and out-of-the-ordinary stores. It smells old and interesting. The trees are mature. Every house, many of them historic, is different – not a block of all the same by the same builder to be found anywhere in the neighborhood. If you have a traditional job, you may need to plan your play day or afternoon a day or week in advance. If you need a vacation, I encourage you to put your play day on your calendar right now!

Here are some photos from my play date in Sellwood to inspire you.

Where will you go on your play date? What will you do? Or not do? Let us know on the blog.

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Authentically Yours, Laura