How to Listen

As the assistant teacher for the current Transformational Voice® Apprentice Teacher program, one of my assignments is to read the book Soul Without Shame: A Guide to Liberating Yourself from the Judge Within, by Byron Brown. I’m on page 81 of 303 as I write this post.

Rosalind Diamond, whom my voice teacher, Linda, and I consider to be a “Yoda” type master, recommended the book prior to her session with us on Embodied Query and Sensing. Diamond graduated from U. C. Berkeley with a degree in English, then received a Master’s Degree in Integral Counseling from the California Institute of Integral Studies before being trained in the Rhidwan School, a method for personal inquiry based on open-ended, embodied engagement with immediate experience, supported by a cultivated sense of presence.

The gist…? Everything you need to know is stored within your body, and what isn’t available right now can be accessed through the “Field of Awareness,” when fueled by curiosity and passion.

Sound like woo-woo mumbo jumbo? Maybe not. Consider the times your body, with no logical reason, drew you towards something, or away from something. Here’s a great example from my life right here: Think also about when you have received messages with no logical explanation. Here’s another example, of when I introduced friends Rob and Stella, because I heard a message they were meant to be together.

Our bodies and the universal field are immense avenues of wisdom and guidance, if only we pay attention to those impulses, rather than the inner judge.

More about this next time…

Wow! What an amazing workshop at the Oregon Mediation Association’s 31st annual conference! My wonderful audience and I had a full 90 minutes together, and a video with clips is coming soon. I love teaching speakers how to HONE their message, and am really good at it! Keep me in mind for your next keynote or workshop. Here are just a few examples (of many) of what people had to say:

I came away with a much better understanding of how to do, and effectively use, belly breathing to speak confidently, efficiently and effectively. -Caroline M.

Laura is a skilled teacher and observer of her students. -Anita E.

Supportive, fun, safe…and immediately applicable tools and skills. -Barbara M.

Laura truly connects with her audience. She makes people feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable and find their authentic voice. Thank you. -Angela P.

Laura was fantastic and empowering. -Laura D.

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Authentically Yours, Laura