Giving Thanks for Speaking Up!

The holiday season is in full swing here in the States. The cars on the road, jammed parking lots at the grocery stores and customers piling their carts to the hilt prove it.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, how did you spend your day? Let me know by commenting on the blog; I’d love to hear.

George and I initially thought we might be spending the day at a winery with friends. When that idea didn’t pan out, we decided to spend the day at home; just us and Lady Jane the cat. What a lovely Thanksgiving Day! We made a simple and delicious meal of chicken cordon bleu with bearnaise sauce (from a packet), Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice, and grilled asparagus.

And we decorated our home, simply, for Christmas.

We expressed our gratitude for all we have.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you…that will be enough.- Meister Eckhart

I have realized when gratitude is part of your daily practice, life flows more smoothly. One day a year for thanks-giving simply isn’t enough.

I’m grateful for my partner, George, our personality-plus cat, Lady Jane, and our newly holiday-decorated home. I’m grateful we have clean drinking water that comes out of several faucets in said home every day. Many people don’t have this luxury. Thank you to the grocery stores where I got the food for our dinner, and the farmers and suppliers who got this food to the stores. To the animals who gave their bodies for our meat. I’m grateful for my voice teacher, Linda Brice, and my apprentice colleagues who will soon (February!) be graduating as certified Transformational Voice® teachers.

That is truly just a start. Let me know on the blog what you’re thankful for. Again, I’d love to hear.

Here’s one more thing I’m extremely grateful for this year. The Speak Up! workshops I developed with my beloved colleague, Katie Ramseur. Together, we’ve taken Speak Up! to alternative schools like Columbia County Education Campus in St. Helens and women’s organizations like Dress for Success.

Katie is a Certified Hypnotist and I’m a Certified Transformational Voice® teacher. I initially interviewed her on this show, via TV Toastmasters. Yet I know the higher powers brought us together for a reason.

We’ve received phenomenal feedback from our work together. When teenagers are able to voice themselves powerfully, in front of their peers, they develop more self-confidence – a really big deal at that age. I haven’t forgotten!

Speak Up! workshops help students:

-Control their breath and posture to reduce anxiety and increase confidence

-Be mindful and identify authentic gifts and strengths

-Feel more comfortable speaking up and being heard

Katie and I bring the curriculum, energy and expertise while the teachers can take a break or participate.

It’s magic!

Please keep Speak Up! in mind for schools or women’s organizations you know.

I’m grateful you’re taking the time from your full day to read what I’ve written.

Please spread the love and pass this along to a friend!

I would totally recommend this class to my friends. It helped me relax and gave me confidence to do public speaking. -Jimena J.

This class helped me speak up with confidence. I think it’s good for your mind and self-esteem to do these exercises. -Emilee J.

Come back soon! -Trinity T.

Lake Oswego’s Transformational Voice® Teacher (Transformational Voice® is a registered trademark of Transformational Voice® Training Institute, LLC, and Linda Brice.)