Get into the Right Brain: Four Simple Steps to Amp Up Your Creativity

Spring is upon us here in Portland, Oregon, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to see sunshine, green grass, and blooms and blossoms. This last winter was a long one.

It’s time to get out of the rut and into the light not just physically, but mentally. Let’s create some fresh thought patterns this spring.

Here are four ways to do just that.

1. Put yourself first. Get plenty of rest and don’t overextend yourself. You can’t get in touch with fresh, new creative thoughts and ideas when all you’re doing is running from one commitment to the next. That’s treading water, not steering your own ship.

2. Release pent up energy in your body. Yoga is the best way I know of to keep energy from stagnating in the body. I wish I had the time for a daily hour long (beginner’s) yoga class. Since that’s not in the cards right now, I spend two or three 20 minute segments each week with my Gaiam Rodney Yee DVDs. My body is so happy afterwards, and I feel better mentally and emotionally, too. I’m also a big walker/hiker. Whatever does it for you, move your body as often as you can to keep the energy flowing.

3. Pay attention to your dreams. I’ve heard many accounts of writers, composers and the like who received near complete creations at night while they were sleeping. They immediately got up and jotted down as much as they could remember of the masterpieces that appeared during dream time. I’ve had experiences like this myself, and you probably have, too. Act on them. Even if it’s just for fun, play around with the ideas. I’ve been sketching clothing since I was in junior high school. This particular dress idea came to me in a dream a few months ago.

I’m planning to work with a seamstress to have it made into a garment I can wear. I don’t usually receive images of the jewelry to go with it, but I did this time! Fun!

4. Get into your right, creative brain by doing something new or different. Since I don’t normally sketch, drawing and designing clothing gets me into my right brain. Here are more tips on how to get your left and right brains working together.

How can you get out of the rut and be more creative this coming week? Let us know on the blog!

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