Being on TV is Fun

Four of us were seated around the table. The tablecloth was a warm, rosy, light beige; the lovely floral centerpiece complimentary. We had matching elegant cups filled with fresh, filtered water. The lights were on, the cameras ready at different angles, and we were snaking microphone cords up our shirts. Feet were wiggling, people were trying to deep breathe, nerves were palpable.

Where in this process did I say, “I love being on television; being interviewed on TV is fun!”?

Somewhere towards the beginning.

Because it is.

Once you’ve done it a time or two. Or maybe even from the very beginning!

It’s not like I’m an “old pro.” There was the time on Tapestry with the M/6 group. Then with the Wishweavers documentary. On Margi Lantos’ Your Soul Awareness. And…I played a Chicken Whisperer for the City of Beaverton once. That was a hoot. Or shall I say a cluck?

At any rate…maybe I was an “old pro” compared to the other guests – at least enough to know it was fun.

Okay, we had a couple false starts. There were a few flubs.

Oh, well!

Not to worry…

You shouldn’t…not when you’re branching out to be your authentic self in front of a camera or anywhere else.

Editing can take care of a few flubs.

The first timers thought it was great fun after it was over!

And, so it was.

What’s uber important is embracing your inner voice (dreams, desires, passions, goals, purpose) and expressing it outwardly, through your physical voice. After all…you’re the only one who can.

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Authentically Yours, Laura