Authentic Expression Wishweavers Circle Home Study

Welcome to the Authentic Expression Wishweavers Circle! I applaud you for making this commitment to yourself…a commitment to create an authentic life of your own design.

In this circle of sisters/Wishweavers, you’ll find a safe community of seekers who want more out of life. We share challenges with each other. We hold each other accountable to being our best and highest selves. We learn to speak our authentic truth in a rich and resonant voice. And we wildly and passionately celebrate our successes.

You’re embarking on a transformational journey, my friend. This journey will take you from one first desired change having a positive impact on your life, to confidence in the change and growth process, to always operating in the Thriving Zone, which will keep you moving forward after the series is completed.

laura-circleI’m thrilled and honored to help guide you along the way to your most authentic life.